Anonymous sent: how long is your dick?

"Again with this kind of questions?"

Anonymous sent: You look like Cirno from Touhou Project!!She's your twin sister?

"Ah… Who?"

Anonymous sent: I want your sperm *O*


blacklist-hunter said: [OOC: Ah! R-Really? ;v; /hugs tightly/]

((Of course! /Hugs too

I spend more time in my OC account, I can give you the link if you want))

tsubaki-akira-deactivated201210 sent: Hi Sakakibara-san! Thank you for the follow. I'm kind of new around here and don't know too many other blogs to follow. I hope we can get along from now on. I know this might be crossing some boundary, but I think we can really get along because we share some interesting relationships with a girl in our classes...I'm sorry if I'm sounding weird. Anyway, I'm off. I have something important to do.

"… Pff, you’re funny. Haha."

"Is a pleasure to meet you. And I hope that we can get along too. Maybe we can talk in other time."

Anonymous sent: you still have not answered my question Sakakibara (mun,why?)

"What question?"

Ooc; Why what?

blacklist-hunter-deactivated201 sent: [OOC: SAKAKIMUNNNN ;A; /hugs/ I-I don't know if you remember me, but I'm NatsumeMun and I miss you. ;n;]

((Of course I remember you! And I miss you too! <3 ;v;))

Anonymous sent: Will you answer naughty asks ><?

"Do you want to ask me a naughty question? Is that?"

I really want some asks or anons or magic anons on my accounts to answer so I have something to do.


That’s why I’m about to reblog this on all of my relevant blogs. Hurr.

Anonymous sent: why no one wants to be raped? -.-'' i thought you would be another -.- stupid virgin...

"I’ll not answer that because you’re being rude, sorry.”